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-Christian is kidnapped when Nick and Andy get distracted by an emergency in the park. The entire squad frantically searches for Chris' son.


-Christian was taken by Gene MacKenzie, Christian's biological father. The squad gets Christian back safely but Chris is furious with Denise for lying to him.


-Nick and Andy move their relationship to the next level as they tear one another's clothes off in Andy's home.


-Gail goes on several bad dates, only to end up having fun with Holly.


-Marlo becomes obsessed with a guy who may have abducted a child several years ago. The child was never found. When she's forced to let him go, she starts to watch him on her off hours.


-Watching what's happening to Chris, Dov and Chloe make a pact never to lie to one another.

Rookie Blue
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Rookie Blue Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Whatever the DNA test says, Christian is our son. The only thing that matters now is bringing him home.


Everyone was exactly where they needed to be to get the job done. That's what happens when you're in charge.