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-Kevin Ford holds Oliver hostage in an abandoned church. When SWAT team arrives, Oliver is OK but Kevin is gone.


-Marlo and Luke realize that it wasn't Kevin who abducted the child three years ago but his brother Abe, who set Kevin up to look guilty.


-Kevin has suffered a traumatic brain injury and has had a mental break. He has a hit list of officers from 15 Division: Chloe, Sam, Andy, Oliver, Nick, and Marlo.


-Marlo is told to pack up her locker as she will have to face the consequences of her secrets.  Sam tells Andy that he only wants her to be happy and it's clear she's happy with NIck.


-Kevin enters 15 Division wearing Oliver's uniform. He shoots Sam and Nick shoots him.


-Andy runs to Sam. In the ambulance she tells him that she loves him. At the hospital, Nick tells her to go be by Sam's side and walks away, even though it hurts.


-Gail introduces Holly to her brother and Chris. Steve and Traci make a date for dinner with her son.


-Dov tells Wes that he and Chloe are dating. Wes refuses to let Chloe have life saving surgery believing the risk of paralysis is too great. Then he won't allow Dov in Chloe's room.

Rookie Blue
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