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The team goes undercover in a bar to nab a gun dealer but things go wrong when Chris comes face to face with his drug dealer and has to arrest him.

The dealer threatens to expose Chris so Chris swaps out the coke for baking soda and the arrest gets kicked. Dov begins to worry about Chris' odd behavior.

Just as the undercover op looks like a loss, Nick realizes the bartender he's been flirting with all night is the gun dealer and arrests her. 

Gail's delay in filing the report on the Jameson murder of the mother in the laundry room prompts a sit down with Oliver. She admits she can't stop thinking about the little girl left motherless.

Duncan sues the department and Andy for firing him. Andy worries about all the things she left out of her reports.

Andy and Sam work together to track down a missing teacher. Just when they think he left for a new job in Costa Rica, they find him dead in the trunk of his car.

Rookie Blue
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Rookie Blue Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

You look like something the cat dug up.


It's kind of like a twitchy porn star who just ran a marathon.