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Traci is held up on a case so Chris and Dov have to get the flowers. They run into Sam’s dad who says he was invited to the wedding and got a day pass on parole. They don’t trust him but aren’t sure what to do. He has them drop him at a house to pick up his wedding present, a watch.

Track is investigating the murder of Lindsay McConnel. Jarvis thinks the husband is the main suspect but Traci isn’t so sure. Chloe helps figure out that the victim fell down the flight of stairs and landed on the hammer, killing herself in the accident. 

Nick will miss the wedding because he’s heading to Vancouver to give things with Juliet a shot but he shows up at Andy’s to wish her well. Andy bends over looking for her vows and this zipper on her wedding gown rips. Nick sews it up for her, sews her into the dress. He gives her his sunglasses as something borrowed before he leaves. 

Andy’s driver doesn’t show so she has to drive herself in Sam’s truck. A young woman who is hitchhiking stops her and jumps in her truck. Andy thinks that the woman was assaulted a man in a red convertible only to find that he’s been stabbed. Starr takes off with Andy’s truck, leaving her stranded with the injured man. 

Turns out Starr stabbed the man while robbing him. He was headed to see his girlfriend and now

he’s bleeding to death on the side of the road while Andy runs for help. She calls 15 Division and gets Duncan but her phone dies before she can tell him what’s happening. 

Sam is distraught. Andy hasn’t shown up and his father has. Jay stole the watch. Sam tells him to give it back. 

Duncan finds Andy. He heard something in her voice that made him track the GPS in Sam’s truck. They get an ambulance and save the injured man. Andy calls Sam and explains what has happened and the wedding is back on. 

Sam and Andy get married in a beautiful ceremony in front of their family and friends. At the reception Andy says she feels like she’s going to explode into a million shiny pieces. Sam tells her he thinks that feeling is called Joy. 

The next day everyone arrives at 15 Division to find out where they are being transferred. Sam, Andy, Dov, Chris, Gail, Traci, and Chloe are all staying at 15. Dov is now a detective in training. Track is now a detective sergeant and is taking over guns and gangs. Oliver is staff sergeant once again. Duncan is being transferred to 16 Division. All of the core rookies now have rookie of their own to train. Oliver tells them, “Serve, protect and don’t screw up.” 

Rookie Blue
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Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

Starr: How did you meet this Sam guy?
Andy: In an alleyway, I basically kicked his ass.

Perfect match McNally. You and me, because you are very high maintenance and I can fix anything.