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Andy feels out of place when she finds Marlo sleeping in Sam’s bed while he’s been taking care of the baby. Juliet offers her an undercover assignment in Vancouver for five months. Andy considers it in order to give Sam some space and get some herself. 

Andy tells Sam this isn’t working for her. She’s watching him have the family she wants with him with someone else. Andy tells him about the undercover assignment. He accuses her of running away when she promised she would never do that again. 

Everyone is upset when Jarvis says 15 Division is being reorganized. Everyone will most likely be transferred, promoted or shuffled to different divisions. 

Gail and Steve’s father, the Inspector, wants Gail to lie on the stand to give Steve an alibi. She considers it but when Steve sees her struggling on the stand he stops the proceedings to take a plea deal and testify against Santana. Their father is furious. 

After missing an appointment with Sophie’s social worker, Gail is told that another family is interested in adopting her. They sound perfect and Gail is heartbroken as she considers what is best for Sophie.

Nick is upset that Juliet could keep so much from him and considers letting her leave until Oliver points out that if he let’s Juliet leave, he’ll never know if it could have worked. Nick stops her on the way to the airport and says he’ll go with her.  

Dov and Andy respond when several girls overdose at a concert. The girls end up drinking water laced with ecstasy and ruffles. Tammy Springer, one of the girls dies from the overdose. Turns out the concert promoter drugged the girls to pin it on the band members who sexually assaulted his sister. 

Tammy’s fiancee sets the promoter’s trailer on fire and traps Chloe inside. Dov breaks down the door and saves her. 

Marlo comes to visit Andy and tells her that her sister is coming to stay with her and she plans to work on getting on with her life. Andy and Sam make up when she agrees not to leave. Sam tells her that she is the reason he believes he can be a good father and he wants more children with her. They both agree to stop running and move up the wedding.

Sam ordered a Golden-doodle puppy six months ago and it arrives today. Andy is thrilled. 

Rookie Blue
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Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Oliver: Think of it as an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone. Try something new.
Traci: If I want that I'll go to Zumba.

Gail: What does my outfit say to you?
Chris: I'm wearing clothes.