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Traci finds out that Steve knows about the allegations against Oliver but she hasn’t told anyone else about her suspicions concerning Steve. Instead she sticks close to Steve at work. They work a gang related homicide where Steve begins acting strangely. He makes a phone call he won’t tell Traci about and heads to a meet where he will only tell Traci to stay in the car. 

Traci follows Steve and realizes that he’s talking to their murder suspect but he won’t let her go inside and says she has no idea what is going on. Later, Traci finds out that Steve gave homicide a tip that led them to a different suspect whom they’ve arrested. Later, Steve tells Traci that the murder victim was his informant as was the original suspect. His explanation seems to make sense. 

The Commissioner visits Oliver at home and encourages Shaw to retire quietly and take a high paying corporate security job. If Oliver doesn’t play ball, Internal Affairs will tear his life apart piece by piece. 

Nick has suspicions about Juliet. She tells him that she is Internal Affairs. Nick is upset, thinking that she’s the one who turned in Oliver. 

Dov asks Chloe if she’s okay when they hear the news about Oliver. Jarvis takes over as Staff Sergeant now that Oliver is suspended. The Commissioner wants Dov and Andy to help him go through all of Oliver’s cases. Jarvis says Diaz is with him for the day. 

Dov and Andy pull in Gail and Nick to quietly investigate Commissioner Santana. Andy confronts Juliet who says she’s at 15 Division to figure out who Santana is working with. They decide to set the Commissioner up with an integrity test. They use Duncan as a patsy to get the info to Santana. They tell Duncan that a friend of Ted McDonald’s came forward and he may have duplicates of the hard drives that were blown up in the evidence room. Santana overhears that the hard drives are hidden at a warehouse. Gail and Nick wait there to see if he tries to steal them. 

Gail and Nick get called away from the warehouse and Andy heads over to cover. She runs into Steve trying to find the hard drives. She’s shocked. Steve tries to lie but Andy calls him on it. He set the bomb for Alonzo Santana but tried to make sure no one got hurt. He tries to get Andy to let him go for Gail and Traci’s sake. The Irish Mob is involved with Santana. Steve tries to leave but Nick and Gail are there. Nick arrests him. 

Santana is arrested. Oliver is cleared. Devastated, Traci tells Steve that she won’t be at his trial and she won’t visit him in prison. He should ever try and contact her again.  

Rookie Blue
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Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Sam: When have you ever known me to do the sensible thing?
Oliver: Well, you're marrying Andy McNally.
Sam: OK, one time.

I jumped in with both feet. I gave you a key to my place. I let you into my life. I let you look after my son. I won't be at your trial. I'm not going to come and visit you, so please don't contact me ever again.