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Sam and Andy have spent their vacation together at Oliver’s cabin. Andy doesn’t want to leave their romantic bubble but they all have to head back to 15 Division. 

Dov and Marlo are investigating who placed the bomb in the Evidence Room and how they got it in. What little evidence they have makes them think it wasn’t Ted McDonald. Dov encourages Marlo to tell Sam the truth about the baby. She does and Sam is shocked. He plans to tell Andy that evening.

Andy is checking on Traci’s apartment when she is attacked by an intruder. She manages to fight him off but he escapes off the balcony. Turns out the guy has been stalking Traci, watching her from a coffee shop across the street. He noticed that she normally leaves her balcony door open and that’s how he got in. 

Dov finds other possible victims of this intruder. Apparently he sends them flowers before he breaks in. Traci had assumed the flowers sent to her were from Steve now that they’ve gotten back together. The other victim was also raped but she didn’t report it because she was ashamed. 

Detective Capello from Sex Crimes tells 15 Division to leave the case alone but they continue to investigate. When Dov figures how which florist the attacker uses, they figure out who his next victim will be. They stake out the apartment but catch the wrong guy. Capello is furious that they may have scared off their guy and Oliver is called out for his Division’s actions. 

Nick meets Officer Juliette Ward, the mystery woman who ditched him. She’s transferring to 15 Division from Vancouver and says she didn’t want to get involved with someone she works with. 

Chloe bonds with Juliette and tells her all about why she and Dov broke up as well as everyone else’s stories at 15. 

Chris is having an affair with Jarvis’ wife who happens to be a recovering cocaine addict. 

Gail needs to make a video to show why she wants to adopt Sophie. 

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