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Marlo goes in for an ultrasound and Sam surprises her by showing up. The images shows it’a a girl. The doctor thought there might have been developmental issues but everything looks okay for now. Marlo asks Sam how this is going to work between them, the baby, and Andy. It’s complicated but he says he’ll make it work.

Oliver wears an eye patch due to a corneal infection he got from a cat hair getting into his eye. He tells everyone to be wary of stray cats, even when they’re cute. 

15 Division assists with prison transfers at Pine Valley Correctional Center for Women. Ward, McNally must transport one prisoner while Peck and Collins take the other. As they attempt the transfer, a riot breaks out in the overcrowded, understaffed prison leaving Andy and Juliet cut off with their prisoner and Nick and his prisoner separated from Gail. 

Andy and Juliet try to get their injured prisoner, Kenzie out but when Kenzie hears they aren’t headed to the infirmary, she pulls a shiv on Ward. Her best friend is in the infirmary and is saying that Kenzie stabbed her. Kenzie wants to know why she’s lying. 

Kenzie recognizes Juliet from Vancouver. Juliet tells Andy she was undercover and fell in love with a dealer but she got herself out and walked away. She asks Andy to keep it to herself. 

Nick ends up in the basement with his prisoner, Rochelle. Turns out she was having a relationship with one of the guards and had a key. She distracts Nick and then flees through a doorway where he can’t follow. 

Back at 15 Division, Traci and Dov interrogate the guard, Donnelly who was having an affair with Rochelle. Rochelle caught him having sex with Jodi, Kenzie’s best friend. Rochelle is a psychopath who then shanked Jodi and threatened to kill Kenzie if Jodi didn’t pin in on her.

Rochelle heads to the infirmary where Andy and Juliet are trying to save Jodi who has stopped breathing. Just as other prisoners break in and Rochelle is about to stab Jodi, the riot squad throws in a stun grenade and comes to the rescue. 

Gail is stuck with another prisoner named Odele who tells her not to become a parent because it will ruin her life. Odele is doing 20 years for murdering her husband. He fell asleep while smoking while Odele was working the night shift and their children died in the fire. When he survived, she killed him. 

Rookie Blue
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Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Juliet: Of course women like you. I'm the only officer you haven't slept with.
Nick: Yet.

Andy: You're going to have a daughter. She's going to adore you.
Sam: She's going to adore you too.