Camille Sullivan on Rookie Blue
Watch Rookie Blue Season 2 Episode 1
Original Air Date:

A shooting at a concert has a profound effect on Andy. A new detective has a connection to Luke.

Traci and Dov
Watch Rookie Blue Season 1 Episode 13
Original Air Date:

A major drug bust is accidentally compromised by Andy and Chris on this season finale. As a result, McNally goes undercover to salvage things.

Judgment Day
Watch Rookie Blue Season 1 Episode 12
"In Blue"
Original Air Date:

Did the rookies pass their evaluations? That's the main question at the heart of this episode, as Andy also has a scary experience involving the strange death of a girl.

McNally and Swarek
Watch Rookie Blue Season 1 Episode 11
"To Serve or Protect"
Original Air Date:

Andy comes across evidence that proves her ex-cop father may have committed a murder during a drunken blackout on this intense episode. As a result, she and Swarek search for proof that this isn't the case.

Get Off Her!
Watch Rookie Blue Season 1 Episode 10
"Big Nickel"
Original Air Date:

An inmate escape this week, causing Andy and Sam to chase him down. Elsewhere, Dov and Gail seem answers from a John Doe with no memory.

Scene of a Car Accident
Watch Rookie Blue Season 1 Episode 9
"Girlfriend of the Year"
Original Air Date:

There's a messy highway accident on this episode of Rookie Blue. It actually leads to an important discovery in the case of a missing nine-year old girl, as outlined here in a recap of "Girlfriend of the Year."

A Training Exercise
Watch Rookie Blue Season 1 Episode 8
"Honor Role"
Original Air Date:

A beating at a nightclub is at the center of this episode. It forces Andy and Chris to make a critical decision that place their careers in danger.

Working the Streets
Watch Rookie Blue Season 1 Episode 7
"Hot & Bothered"
Original Air Date:

There's a major heat wave this week in the city, which causes the streets to be even more dangerous than usual. As a result, Andy is cut off from her back-up during a blackout.

Bullet Proof Scene
Watch Rookie Blue Season 1 Episode 6
"Bullet Proof"
Original Air Date:

Andy takes issue with how Luke handles a case on this week's episode. Elsewhere, a traffic accident is not nearly as simply as initially thought.

Shaken Swarek
Watch Rookie Blue Season 1 Episode 5
"Broad Daylight"
Original Air Date:

Personal secrets are spilled on this week's episode. It centers around Andy and Traci's inclusion on large scale first response to a home invasion at an wealthy residence.

Rookie Blue Quotes

Frank: You are the most amazing person I've ever met. My best friend in the world and if I'm lucky you'll also agree to be my wife.
Noelle: I'm going to kill you.

Daniel: You're the police.
Gail: What gave it away?