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The highly anticipated return of Roseanne Season 1 Episode 1, is finally upon us, and it did not disappoint! Roseanne got things started right away by showing the audience Dan is very much alive. Once we were assured Dan is alive, and well, we got right into the thick of things. Roseanne made it clear her political leanings were more republican which caused a rift between her, and Jackie. Darlene made it her mission to get the sister's back together. 

When Jackie was invited for dinner, she made it known to Roseanne she still doesn't understand how she could have voted for Trump. She also lets Roseanne know, after being told she was wrong consistently, she made the choice while in the booth to vote for Jill Stein. Jackie soon apologizes to Roseanne, and Roseanne being Roseanne, tells her she forgives her which instantly reunites the sisters. 

Elsewhere, Becky comes up with the brilliant idea to become a surrogate for a woman named Andrea to make some money. Jackie offers to be there for her throughout the whole process, but Dan and Roseanne try to convince Becky she's making a terrible mistake by offering up her own egg to a stranger. Becky decides to go through with the interview process against her parent's wishes. 

On Roseanne Season 1 Episode 2, Roseanne, and Dan try to get Darlene to talk to Mark about the femine way he dresses for the first day of school. Darlene tells them she doesn't want to change who Mark is, and if he is happy, she is happy. Roseanne takes it upon herself to have her own talk with Mark on why he dresses the way he does. 

 Mark lets her know he likes dressing more femine because he likes the colorful clothing, and he feels comfortable in it. Roseanne understands him, and she agrees to back him up. When she takes him to school, and after a kid calls him a freak, she takes it upon herself to introduce Mark to the class, but also tells them she sees everything. 

Later, Mark is sent home from school becaus he brought a knife to school. Darlene finds out Dan is the one who gave Mark the knife, and confronts him. Dan let's her know he gave Mark the knife because he asked for it, and because he gave her a knife at the same age. Darlene confronts Mark about the knife, and he admits someone was making fun of him, and he was actually offering the knife to the bully as a gift. 

Darlene tells Mark it's OK to be weird, and soon enough kids will understand weird is cool. 

Meanwhile, Becky has an interview with Andrea. Roseanne makes things uncomfortable as she clearly doesn't want Becky to go along with the surrogacy. Becky tries to make a case for herself, after the botched interview, by saying she needs the money to pay off all of her debt. Roseanne, and Dan, still make a case about it being a terrible decision because the child she would be giving up would be her own. 

Want to see what else happens? Go watch Roseanne online now via TV Fanatic. 

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Roseanne Season 10 Episode 1 Quotes

Dan: Candyman's home babe.
Roseanne: Oh, my favorite, drugs! What happened to the rest of our candy?
Dan: Funny story. Our insurance don't cover what it use to so I got the drugs for twice the price.

Roseanne: Dan! Dan!
Dan: What? What happened?
Roseanne: I thought you were dead!
Dan: I'm sleeping! Why does everybody always think I'm dead?
Roseanne: You looked happy. I thought maybe you moved on.