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Rosewood gives a keynote speech during a forensic pathologists convention. During his speech, Rosewood gives details on how someone can commit the perfect murder. When Dr. Wombach, a member who attended the convention, turns up dead, Rosewood thinks his speech is the reason for the murder. Rosie is adamant on solving the crime.

In his time of need, Rosie calls up Villa to help him figure out the crime. During their hunt for the truth, things between Rosewood and Villa gets interesting. The two bond like they've never bonded before and some underlying feelings arise during the process.

Villa and Rosewood questions if they truly have feelings for one another when Dr. Erica Kincaid pops up. Erica followed Rosewood to the convention to get more than just a blood sample. Erica insists that she and Rosewood take things to the next level.

Butters returns to help the team solve Dr. Wombach's murder. Capt. Hornstock reveals to Butters that he and his wife, Martha are divorcing.

TMI's estranged father comes back to town. TMI decides to tell her father how she truly feels about her parents' abandonment after finding out she's a lesbian. Mr. Izikoff tells TMI to keep the money however TMI refuses to have any dealings with her family.


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Rosewood Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Villa, I think I killed a man.


This is something for all of you murderers out there.