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Problems arise when death dentist Gus Willy is mysteriously murdered. Miami P.D. believe the dentist was working an underground drug ring and have to prove the crime in order to solve Gus' murder.

Meanwhile, things between Rosewood and Det. Villa get crazy when Villa is assigned a new partner. The new partner, Russell Hame, is someone from Villa's past. The two were in police academy together and share an interesting chemistry and friendship. Russell thinks his new partnership with Villa is destiny, but that feeling comes to an end soon during an investigation.

Rosewood gets jealous when he learns Villa has a new partner. He decides to investigate him and learns some shocking news.

Hornstock is investigating the murder of Russ' partner and needs Rosewood's help. Rosewood tries to warn Villa about her new partner, but she continues to push Rosewood away.

Villa reveals to Rosewood what she knows about Russ' past and the death of his partner.

Donna gives Hornstock some words of encouragement when he's force to give a public speech about the ongoing investigation about the dentist's murder. The two share an interesting encounter that embarrasses Hornstock.

Pippy and TMI continue to plan for their upcoming wedding in the midst of solving the murders.

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Rosewood Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Hey stranger. It's been a while since the academy.


Do we think Willy's business was a cover?