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While solving the mysterious death of Darren Barber, Rosewood realizes the case hits entirely too close to home.

It turns out that Barber suffers from the same heart condition as Rosewood. Barber's death leads Rosie, as well as his family, to believe that if Barber can suddenly die of heart complications, so could Rosewood. Rosie was determined to find out if Barber's death was from the skydiving accident or heart related.

Darren Barber's mysterious death also makes Rosewood decided to get that much need MRI. He finally reveals the status of his health to his family. 

Things between Erica and Rosewood get complicated when Donna finds out her son is dating his cardiologist. Donna takes it upon herself to ask Erica what happens if she and Rosewood were to call it quits. This makes Rosewood question if he needs to separate his personal life from his professional one. 

Villa finally decides to embrace the fact that she will be living on her own. Meanwhile, her mom is desperately trying to set Villa up with a man.

Capt. Hornstock's daughter, Sophie pays him a visit. Hornstock tries to control the life his daughter will live once she's done with high school. Sophie eventually surprises her father by telling revealing her future plans.



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Rosewood Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

That's the sweet sound of appreciation. You should try it.


That scar looks familiar.