Keeping Her Head Down - Rosewood
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The body of a mysterious Jane Doe is found and Rosewood and Villa work together to solve the case.

Det. Villa finally founds out the real reason Capt. Hornstock didn't get the Chief position, and she thinks it's all her fault. In the meantime, Villa has to desperately find a new partner that she can get along with. Villa oddly suggest Rosewood takes the offer, only if he really wants the job.

While trying to solve the mysterious murder of the Jane Doe, TMI learns some interesting facts about Pippy's past. We finally get to know a little more about Pippy's background and the fact that she ran away from home for 3 months. Donna wasn't acceptive of her daughter's sexuality as a teenager, which ultimately caused Pippy to leave home. Pippy found comfort in another runaway teen, Cassie who helped her deal with her sexuality and reconcile with her family.

Donna and Pippy have a much needed conversation about the feelings that were transpired after Pippy came clean about her sexuality.

With the help of Hornstock, Pippy is reunited with her long lost friend Cassie.

Rosewood is on the hunt for a new cardiologist per Donna's request. Dr. Erica Kincaide informed Rosewood about his current health condition. She also showed interest in being more than just his cardiologist.

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Rosewood Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

You like the idea of having a new partner, but not the reality.


Captain didn't get the Chief job, and it's all my fault.