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Villa and Rosewood are still hunting down the crazed art killer. The closer the duo gets to solving the murders, the more dangerous it gets for Rosewood. The killer is obsessed with trying to outsmart Rosewood and will do anything and everything to throw Villa and Rosie off track. When the killer gets upset, the threats for Rosewood gets more deadly and more victims end up missing.

While trying to catch the killer, Villa has some tough choices to make regarding her love life with Mike. Villa is so invested in her work that she's having a hard time trying to make her budding relationship work. Mike notices this and has to question if he should follow his heart to be with Villa, or leave her alone and live his own life. 

Wedding planning for Pippy and TMI is underway, but will TMI's parents show up to the wedding? Donna unexpectedly intervenes and decides to pay TMI's mom, Lilah, a much needed visit.

Kat is back and has some interesting news for Rosewood about her estranged husband, Marcell.

Hornstock is questioning if he truly wants the job as Chief if it means turning his back on someone he considers loyal.

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Rosewood Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Hornstock: Nice try but your arrogance isn't going to protect you.
Rosewood: It's confidence.

Whoever did this is a butcher, not an artist.