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When a famous model is mysteriously murdered, Villa and Rosewood work together to solve the crime.  Our favorite duo dig into the crazy old of plastic surgery to figure out who and what exactly killed Carina Radnor. 

Was it an angry colleague, a jealous boyfriend, or an aggravated boss responsible for Carina's murder?

Villa is still trying to get used to her mom Daisy, dating her friend and ex-boss, Hornstock.

Things get even more strange when Villa realizes things between Rosie and Tanya are getting serious. Rosie and Tanya take their relationship to the next level when Tanya and Kayla move in with Rosewood. 

Everyone has their open on Rosie letting Tanya and Kayla move in, but Rosie stands his ground for good reasoning. Tanya received an alarming threat that made Rosie opened to letting Kayla and Tanya into his home, so early into their relationship.

Rosie and Daisy try to convince Villa to get back in the dating scene, but she isn't ready to get back on the dating scene just yet. Daisy somehow gets Villa to join her on a girls night on the town with Pippy and TMI.

The girls night gives Villa a boost of confidence to give the new medical examiner an interesting call.



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Rosewood Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Villa: I'm not looking for Mr. Right, right now.
Daisy: What's wrong with looking for Mr. Right Now?!

I guess we made the most of Kayla being at the sleepover, huh?