UFO Emporium Re-opening Gala - Roswell, New Mexico
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The team start looking for the killer when they realize the murders have been starting after Maria's meals. 

At the UFO Emporium, Max and Michael find themselves kidnapped. Maria is acting sketcy, and Cameron and Liz realize she has been drugged, presumably by the fourth alien. 

It emerges that Noah is in the frame and everyone starts to question the theory. 

Liz rushes to find out the truth via a blood sample from when he was shot. This confirmed everything and she attacked him when he tried to hurt Isobel. 

Maria was put on the spot but ultimately realized that she was fine following the latest violence. 

Isobel was crushed when Noah would not say he loved her and that he loved Rosa more. 

Liz tried to get her father to agree to go the legal route to become a resident of the U.S. and he later agreed because he had someone on the inside who could help ... Noah. 

Roswell, New Mexico
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Roswell, New Mexico Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Isobel: The memory wasn't mine. I'm telling you. It was like someone else was inside of my body. Like they were using it. I can influence someone, but this fourth alien was much stronger. They were controlling me. It's like I wasn't even present.
Liz: So, we're back to square one. Anyone could have killed my sister.
Michael: Someone's guilty. Rosa was just the beginning.
Max: Except for Rosa, all of the victims were targeted after a Chenai at the Last Pony, Maria's meal for the disenfranchised.

Liz: I'm gonna head to the hospital. The killer took my serum when they wrecked my lab. We need to make more. Only one dose left.
Isobel: How does the killer know about the serum?
Michael: The killer seems to know about everything. They could have possessed anyone at any time. They could have overheard us.
Max: They've gotten away with 14 murders. They need to believe they're still in the clear.