Information About His Dad - Roswell, New Mexico
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Isobel regained memories about the night Rosa died and realized that she was friend to her. 

Isobel went to Liz to ask about more alien juice with the aim of learning more. The pair plus Isobel were ambushed at the hospital by a gunman. 

The man trashed the lab and everything inside, shooting Noah in the process. 

Max saved the day, but the man forgot why he had a gun, saying he was against them and that there had to be a reason why. 

Cameron and Liz vouched for him leading Liz to think that the fourth alien was controlling bodies, and that Isobel was innocent. 

Isobel had another flash of a man taking over her body and getting close to Isobel. 

Alex learned everything about Michael and made a decision to do some more digging on his own. 

This allowed him to get closer to Kyle and they learned that his father sent them some information. 

Meanwhile, Maria fretted because she slept with Michael, but ultimately told the truth about it. 

Roswell, New Mexico
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Roswell, New Mexico Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Can we go chase bad guys now? Hunting an alien murderer isn't exactly police business.


Michael: This is my big secret.
Alex: Why are you showing me this?
Michael: If anyone's going to destroy me, it might as well be you.