Protecting Herself - Roswell, New Mexico
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Max tries to get back in good graces with Liz, but he continues to sleep with Cameron. 

Liz goes to the police station to give her statement again, and bumps into Max. This makes Cameron concerned because she thinks there's something amiss. 

Wyatt later draws the tattoo on Max's back at the hospital, prompting Cameron to confront Max. 

In the end, she worries that Max is trying to get one over on her, so she tells Manes to investigate him. 

Isobel is desperate to take accountability for her actions and finds herself at odds with just about everyone. 

Liz later reveals she's making a weapon, and Max tells her to continue with it because he wants her to be safe if he can't save her. 

Maria is faced with the possibility of putting her mother in assisted living when she shows up asking about aliens. 

She also thinks Liz is Rosa, leading Liz to make her think she is actually her sister to say goodbye. 

Maria then gets close to Michael and they share drinks with each other. 

Roswell, New Mexico
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Roswell, New Mexico Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

If you don't know why you killed her, how can you guarantee it won't happen again?


There's something inside of me, and I'm terrified of what it's going to do next.