The Truth Comes Out - Roswell, New Mexico
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In a flashback to 2004, Max, Isobel, and Michael are in a tent in the desert. 

A man shows up and tries to take Isobel, but Max kills him with his powers. 

In 2008, Rosa and Isobel become close friends, but things take a turn when Isobel lies that she's not friends with her. 

Someone starts to mess with Isobel and she thinks it's her two friends because she's no longer taking drugs. 

Isobel winds up in the cave with the three bodies, and Michael and Max help her put the three teens in a car and crash it, starting the big mystery. 

Liz gets ready to leave Max behind, telling him she will never love him. 

Elsewhere, Michael and Alex meet for the first time, and Alex tells Michael he can sleep in the barn at the back of his property. 

Manes attack them when he catches them hooking up, breaking Michael's hand in the process. 

Roswell, New Mexico
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