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Isobel helps Max get rid of the darkness. 

Max doesn't remember who Liz is. He asks her on a date to get to know her. 

Maria and Alex go looking for the person that made her mom's boots. Alex says that kissing Maria in the closet when they were kids was the first time he ever enjoyed touching someone. He doesn't wish he was straight, but he might not have the bad memories of his dad if he was. 

Alex assures Maria that he could never stop loving her, even if she and Michael are together. 

Liz and Max go horseback riding. 

Isobel sees Kyle at a gay bar. 

Maria and Alex find the boot maker, Travis, after Maria's car breaks down. 

Liz tells Max about how she left her fiance and came to Roswell. 

Maria asks Travis about her mom, and he confirms she bought the boots with cash. 

Liz leavs Max because she believes his new found optimism is related to her being erased from his mind. 

Travis attacks Alex and goes after Maria. 

Kyle and Isobel dance and flirt. 

Travis chases Maria through the corn maze with an axe. Michael shows up, but Travis attacks him. 

Kyle turns Isobel down because he likes someone else. The woman who served their drinks earlier cuts in and hits on Isobel. 

Maria knocks out Travis and finds Michael and Alex. Travis is shot by his twin, who he had been impersonating. 

Kyle goes to the observation room at the hospital and sees Steph on the table. 

Max gets his memories back and he and Liz get back together. 

Isobel hooks up with the bartender. 

Maria, Michael, and Alex have a threesome. Alex leaves in the morning and Michael stays with Maria. 

Liz tells Max she loves him. 

Alex goes to see Forrest perform. 

In a flashback, Max sees a little boy chained up. 

Roswell, New Mexico
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Roswell, New Mexico Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Maria: What happens when I stop being mad at Michael Guerin? To you and me?
Alex: Nothing. I could never stop loving you.

Kissing you in that closet was the first time that I enjoyed touching someone. I just thought that I could be happy and not be afraid that if I loved anything my dad would destroy it. So, no. I don't wish I was straight. I just think that if I was I wouldn't have all the bad memories.