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Max and Liz talk outside of the Crashdown briefly, and she tells him she is in town for the weekend.

Max continues shooting up acetone and trying to make sense of Maria's vision.

Michael lights his hand on fire and thinks back to his conversation with Jones and finding turquoise stones that he took with him from the cave.

Alex works on the Lockhart machine overnight, and Ramos tells him that he isn't asking himself the right questions regarding how it works.

Maria, Isobel, Max, and Michael meet at the funeral home that Maria sees in her vision, where she gives them more information. Michael deduces that he is the one being murdered in the future.

Having left behind a piece of the stone at the funeral home, Isobel picks it up and can feel Maria's emotions. She later goes to Jones, who explains that the stones vibrate the alien's same frequency and boost their abilities. He also tells Isobel that she is an empath.

Max tells Kyle about Jones and feeling like he is being pulled to him.

Bert is accosted by the mayor's son, Jordan, with Maria and Greg nearby at the drive-in. Later, Jordan and Zeke attempt to assault Bert before Michaels steps in.

Michael tells Max and Isobel about being the dictator's son and later gives Alex a turquoise stone.

Liz confronts Max, and they both apologize to each other, though Max pushes her away.

Max confronts Jones at the cave and loses control, knocking himself out and powering down the cave, allowing Jones to escape.

When the Lockhart machine turns on, the turquoise stone lights up, and music plays from the machine. At the same time, the radio on Kyle's desk turns on, and Kyle hears his father's voice

Roswell, New Mexico
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Roswell, New Mexico Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Michael: I could kill you right now. Take your heart and save Max.
Jones: Well, then you'd be just like your dad.

Liz: You just worked so hard to rebuild your life. I want you to actually get to live it.
Rosa: Yeah, and you don't want to talk about Deputy Vanilla. Come on. Is that door really closed?
Liz: If my crazy science works, then I am never gonna have to worry about Max or his stupid miracle DNA ever again.