Intense Conversations - Roswell, New Mexico Season 3 Episode 8
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Jones tells Maria that he needs to extract a memory from her great-grandmother Patricia in 1969. He needs her to relive the whole day so he can retrieve an equation from an alien piece of glass.

Alex is able to get Maria transferred from the hospital, and the team sets up a makeshift hospital in a veterinarian barn. Isobel and Rosa then join Maria in her mindscape while Michael and Alex team up to find the pod containing Max.

The ladies make their way through Patricia’s day at Caulfield and discover that she was helping Louise and Nora build a machine, which is later confirmed to be the Lockhart machine.

Michael and Alex track Jones to a cabin in the woods.

Liz works on different ways to sever the bond between Maria and Jones but fails until Rosa returns from the mindscape, and the two deduce that with the right sound frequency, they can separate Jones and Maria’s cells and heal Maria.

After getting the equation, Isobel fights off Jones in the mindscape, while Maria gets the missing piece into the Lockhart Machine. Simultaneously, Rosa and Liz are able to separate the cells and pull Maria out of her coma.

Jones admits that the equation will help him make more clones of Max so he can use them as a vessel.

Michael and Alex get the pod and escape Jones.

Liz vows to save Max.

Roswell, New Mexico
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Roswell, New Mexico Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Seeing that piece of glass is the most important thing to me on this wretched planet. So, either walk Patricia's path, or I never let you wake up.

Jones [to Maria]

Jones: Now, I may be in control, but I'm hoping this endeavor can be a cordial one.
Maria: Cordial? I'd rather go down swinging.