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Max, Isobel, and Michael confront Mr. Jones after he emerges from the cave. He latches onto Max, and Michael and Isobel repel him off and knock him unconscious. Max then tells the others that Max told him that he is the Savior and Max is the clone.

One year later, Max is in Roswell, writing letters to his loved ones and burying them in the desert, along with the machete-like alien structure that Jones had with him.

In LA, Liz and her lab partner Heath are informed that their patent originally made for parapalegic spinal patients will now be used for a skincare line instead.

Michael worries about Max, and later, Max is shown shooting up acetone.

Greg drives Maria home, and while doing drag racing, she has a vision of a funeral with a crying Liz next to her.

Alex comes back to Roswell after time away and is greeted by Forrest. Later, Forrest tells him that he is a part of Deep Sky and Alex is being recruited. He then asks Alex to leave town with him that evening.

After a confrontation with Kyle about his health, Max tells Isobel and Michael that his body is rejecting Noah’s heart and he is dying.

Wyatt spots Rosa at an art therapy class and later attacks her at the Crashdown. She stabs him with butyricol before he can shoot her.

After Liz leaks her own patent, she and Heath sneak into the Genoryn building and Margo’s office so she won’t be able to trace the leak back to Liz.

Isobel and Max pull Jones from the pod they’ve stored him in for the past year and put him in a cage Michael had been building that will suppress alien powers so they can attempt to help Max.

Liz and Heath share a kiss, while Max brings a singer from the Pony home with him.

Maria is attacked at the Wild Pony by masked assailants, and she has another vision of the funeral, showing both Alex and Max as well, confirming that the person in the casket isn’t Max.

Roswell, New Mexico
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Roswell, New Mexico Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Michael: Is something weird going on with Max lately?
Isobel: Weirder than him having an evil twin hidden in the desert?
Michael: He seems fun.
Isobel: Are you sure this isn't misplaced nerves about Alex coming home? Because in last nights mindscape you were sending out some pretty intense 'I think it's our times' vibes.

Isobel: Max! What did he do to you?
Max: He, uh, he told me he's the savior, and I'm the clone.