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In a flashback, we see Clyde and Jones on the Oasis. Jones brands Clyde with the Ophiuchus symbol, which allows him to now draw on Jones's power.

In present-day, Liz's friends confront her about her alien mist use and offer to take her to Deep Sky to help with detox. Liz reluctantly agrees, but she and Rosa argue when getting ready to leave. Max then finds Rosa disoriented in her bedroom and Liz missing.

In the pocket dimension, Michael gets a car running, and he and Bonnie, and Dallas split up to look for Alex.

Kyle runs tests on Rosa, as her head hurts and she's lost a pocket of time, but the scans show no signs of concussion.

Liz is shown to be with Clyde, who kidnapped her and needs her to counteract the brand on his arm, so he use the portal in Roswell. It's revealed that he mind controlled Vanessa to get to Liz, and she's on the top of the Crashdown building, ready to jump.

Dallas and Bonnie find a shipping container with alien glass inside, but when they get inside, the door closes, trapping them inside.

Max goes to the lab and finds pods there. He confronts Shivani, who tells him there's no future for him and Liz.

Isobel takes Kyle and Rosa inside Rosa's mind, where they see Vanessa and Clyde attack Rosa and take Liz.

A masked man descends upon the shipping container with a weapon but is attacked by Michael. The man is revealed to be Alex, and the two reunite.

Alex explains to Michael how he got his message to Maria, who acted as a conduit between the two worlds. Dallas and Bonnie search for fruit while Michael and Alex spend time together. Alex then proposes to Michael, who says yes, but Alex then proceeds to tell Michael that he has radiation poisoning from the experience and believes he's dying.

Liz works on removing Clyde's brand.

Kyle and Rosa get to the roof of The Crashdown, and Rosa uses her powers to break the teether between Vanessa and Clyde. And once broken, Kyle can save her.

Liz produces the serum to disable the brand, so Clyde pours it on Jones's flower, and it disintegrates. Liz tells him she mimicked Bonnie's virus, and then she causes rocks to fall on Clyde, trapping him without the use of his powers.

Max and Isobel find Liz in the desert, and he takes her to Deep Sky to start her detox regimen.

Dallas and Bonnie return to Michael and Alex without the fruit, and Alex insists on marrying Michael right then.

Clyde shows up at Shivani's lab with one hand and a promise to help bring her daughter back.

Roswell, New Mexico
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Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Michael: You can go apple picking all you want. But my priority is Alex. So imma search every damn level of this inferno until I find him.
Bonnie: If we split up, we'll find Alex twice as fast.

You're only going down this spiral because I refuse to face my fears. But this is so much worse. I can't lose you, Liz. So if saving you means getting my abilities back, that's what I'm going to do.

Max [to Liz]