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Liz's friends get her to the Deep Sky lab, as she remains unresponsive after ingesting the alien mist. Isobel and Max go into her mind and are met with cowboys who rope Max up and lead him away before shooting and killing Isobel, taking her out of the mindscape. 

Liz discovers she's a sheriff in the mindscape and that Max has been kidnapped. She realizes she has to follow the path in her mind to figure out why she's there. She and Rosa find a message in the dirt that says 'Surrender Sheriff Or The Real Max Dies.'

At Deep Sky, Isobel realizes she can't get back into the mindscape, and with Liz dying, Rosa calls Heath hoping he can help stabilize her. 

In the mindscape, Liz goes to a bar where she sees Maria singing. Maria leads her to a poker lounge where she sees Clyde and asks her where Max is. He tells her they have to play a hand for the information, and Liz has Michael play on her behalf. Michael wins, but Clyde runs off. 

Liz chases him and runs into an outlaw version of herself, realizing she's the one that created this world. 

At Deep Sky, Heath tells Rosa what needs to be done to help Liz and worries about Dallas's disappearance. The two share a hug that Michael witnesses. When Michael looks to leave and continue his search for Alex, Rosa informs him that Heath has been helping her hone her powers and that he needs his help if they want to save Liz. 

In the mindscape, Liz visits Allie, who tells her that she has to figure out what it is that she doesn't want to confront. Meanwhile, Outlaw Liz has Max tied up and pulls him through the town, where he leaves a trail of oil. She later tells Max that Liz has given up on what she wanted and that without Max, the world could have Liz Ortecho. 

Liz and Outlaw Liz meet, and Liz pulls a gun on her. When she shoots at the outlaw, the bullet freezes, and she's able to escape. 

At Deep Sky, Isobel confides in Maria about sleeping with Kyle and feeling like she destroys everything she touches, which Maria disputes. 

In the mindscape, Michael goes to Liz and tells her about finding the oil trail. She assembles her friends and family to fight Clyde, and they engage in a showdown. Clyde is killed by Michael but continues to reappear and kills off everyone systematically. 

At Deep Sky, Liz starts convulsing and is saved by the elixir Heath and Michael concocted. 

In the mindscape, Outlaw Liz is shot by Allie and then blows up herself and Clyde. 

On the rooftop of the Crashdown, Liz finds Max and confronts Outlaw Liz, who wants Liz to admit why she couldn't say yes to Max's proposal. Outlaw Liz wants Liz to give into the drug and open her mind so she'll never fear death again. Liz shoots the gun, but we're unable to see what happens. 

At Deep Sky, Liz and Max both wake-up. And later, Liz proclaims she's unable to remember what happened in the mindscape. 

Michael and Maria vow to figure out a way to save their friends. 

Isobel tells Max that she wants to help Tezca. 

A flashback shows that Liz decided not to shoot Outlaw Liz and succumbed to the mist, meaning Outlaw Liz is now in Roswell.

Roswell, New Mexico
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Roswell, New Mexico Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

In the real world, I’m dying.


Michael: What about Max? Why isn’t he waking up?
Isobel: Oh, God. Max got taken.
Michael: What are you saying? Is he trapped inside?
Isobel: I think they both are.