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On this episode of Royal Pains, we meet Tess, a ballerina. She's thrilled when Evan expands her culinary horizons by introducing her to hot dogs, Slurpees, and other foods she's had to give up to maintain her figure.

However, she loses consciousness after a few of these junk food-based meals. Meanwhile, a vulnerable -- and drunk - Jill exposes some of her feelings to Hank after funding for her free clinic falls through.

Royal Pains
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Royal Pains Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Hank: (pulling out Tucker's sutures) Huh. The surgeon did nice work.
Tucker: He was under a lot of pressure.
Divya: Why? Was your father standing over him?
Libby: No. I was.
Tucker: Imagine being Mozart's piano tuner but then more stressful than that.

Like Mr. Kliner. He was our biggest donor. He had plenty of money to throw a retirement party for a ballerina, but not enough to honor his pledge to the free clinic. And for the record, free clinics, they're not free. Big misnomer. They're expensive. Only you can't call them that or nobody would come.