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The episode starts last fall with two people, Harry and Jess, are walking when Harry drops down to the ground.  Hank is Harry’s treating doctor and has to inform her that Harry is dead.

Cut to current time, Divya meets up with Hank. Their new patient is Jess. She has high blood pressure and they can’t figure out what is wrong with her.  It ends up being a strange adrenalin dysfunction that makes her body produce too much adrenalin.

Marissa has yet to tell Boris about the baby because she is scared about what he will do. Hank stays and the news doesn’t go over very well.

Raj doesn’t show up right away for their wedding party, but eventually does. They exchange their wedding gifts and each got each other watches. Raj tells Divya that he hasn’t been completely honest with her. The wedding us a show for her father that all is well.

Evan calls Hank over because Paige’s sleeping doesn’t get any better. Hank realizes that Evans feelings are quite strong for Paige.  He tells them to lay off the ice cream and it does the trick.

Hank meets with Boris to talk about Marissa and her pregnancy.  Boris doesn’t want his child to have the same future as himself.

Raj tells Divya that they need to postpone their honeymoon. This infuriates Divya and she accidentally lets it slip that she kissed a patient.

When Hank and Evan get home, they find out that Boris is kicking them out.

Royal Pains
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Royal Pains Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

There is no perfect moment.


When my parents got married, my mother got my father a tandem bicycle. I have such fond memories of them riding it together.