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Emily and Hank are getting more romantically close to each other every day. Nothing seems to be keeping them apart and Jill isn't looking too happy about it.

Meanwhile,  the gang go to visit a new patient for the clinic at the pier who has hepatitis. He cut his leg and is bleeding.

Hank’s new patient is a little kid named Jake. He can’t figure out what is wrong with his patient. He realizes that Jake’s mother is Dr. Blair's son. After an allergy test, Hank still can’t figure out what is wrong with his patient.

Evan’s new fake girlfriend, Paige, goes through what he should say when he meets her parents. The meeting runs smoothly and Paige’s father invites them to go shooting the next day. During the hunt, Evan accidentally shoots himself in the butt and realizes that he may have real feelings for Paige.
Hank finds Jake’s parents on the floor and realizes that there’s a carbon monoxide leak. Jake’s mother tells Hank that she doesn’t want to merge clinic’s with them.


Royal Pains
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Royal Pains Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

You're so incredibly predictable.


Weren't you the one that said all publicity is good publicity?