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Eddie is getting stitched up by Hank.  Hank realizes that their dad can’t leave because he has a concussion and besides his anger, he lets him stay.

The next morning he is not there and Hank realizes that Evan ordered a bunch of cheesy souvenirs for their business.

They go to a brunch party and a woman is trying to hook hank up with her daughter Blake who is already dating someone else. Blake falls to the floor shaking. Hank can’t figure out what is wrong with her and she tells him that she just wants to take a nap.

She later tells Hank and Divya about all of her need to take a bunch of diet pills and energy pills to keep up with her younger  boyfriend. They set her up to a heart monitoring machine to find out if she has a heart arrhythmia.

Hank and Evan get a call that their father that he is found in a car. They fear that he may be dead in a car so they break open the window. Fortunately, he was just sleeping. Hank allows Eddie to sleep at their place for one more night.

Jill puts together a yard sale to get rid of Charlie’s things. Evan buys a couple belts from a woman who is married to a police officer. Later, that same police officer pulls them over and asks Hank his advice on a rash.

The rash turns out positive for syphilis. The cop and his wife split up because they both believe the other has been unfaithful. As it turns out the rash is from the belts that she makes out of armadillo skin. It caused them to get leprosy. They were both just thrilled to find out that neither one had been cheating.

Thank night when Hank gets home Eddie and Evan cooked dinner. Hank and Eddie have it out and Eddie leaves. Evan asks Hank why he can’t forgive their father because it’s been twenty years and Hank tells him he won’t.

Hank gets a call from Mrs. Neuberger who tells him that Blake fell to the floor. They rush Blake to the hospital because they think she is having a  heart attack. It turns out to be just high levels of stress.

Later that day, Hank and Evan head over to Mrs. Neuberger’s house and find their father went on a date with her.

Royal Pains
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Royal Pains Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

We're not going to let him drive with a concussion - right, doctor?


Looks at this my sons! One's a doctor, one's a businessman.

Eddie R