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We begin where we left off. Hank is looking for his brother. Boris tells Hank not to worry about his decision moving forward with the clinical study.

Meanwhile, Evan realizes that he was kidnapped because they thought that he was his brother - the doctor. They take him to a remote area and ask him to help save their uncle’s hand.

Hank gets there and saves the day. He realizes that the man may be having a heart attack. Hank realizes that he needs to have a cardiogram done. The only place he can think to take him is to the free clinic run by Boris’s girlfriend - Dr. Casseras.

When they get there, Hank runs into Boris and realizes that he has started treatment. Before Hank could leave, he goes back to check on Boris and finds out that he is  having a seizure.

Hank is able to get Boris back into shape and Dr .Casseras is very grateful. She comes to thank Hank and sees that he is helping a fugitive. Hank is able to convince her not to say anything and even help get the man the drugs he needs.

Back at home, Jill invites Divya to a cover band and because she needs a wingman against her married friends. Divya agrees because Dr. Peck makes her think she is unable of having any women friends that are superior professionally.

Later Divya goes to lunch with Dr. Peck and realizes that she just doesn’t like anything about her and leaves.  As it turns out, Dr. Peck is not going anywhere - she is setting up her own concierge practice in the Hampton’s.

Royal Pains
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Royal Pains Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Where are we guys - hello?


Hank: Science makes predictions - not promises.
Boris: Is that your medical opinion or a personal one.
Hank: Maybe a little bit of both.