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Eddie R and his boys are hanging out at the beach when the boys turn small. It turns out to be a dream that Eddie is having while having the heart attack.

Divya runs into Adam at the hospital and she tells him that it was a mistake that they kissed.

Eddie gets rushed to the hospital and turns out to be stable. When he comes through he tells his boys that he is a change man and wants to tell them everything, but he falls asleep.

Hank and Evan go back to work because they have to. Boris runs into Evan and gives him important docs for his eyes only.

Meanwhile, Jill is playing golf with Jack, a pro golfer. Hank notices something strange going on with his fingers. After a minor golf cart accident, Hank’s concerns are confirmed. Jack has a strange finger disorder that could potentially be fixed, but he doesn’t want to be put on the sidelines in fear of losing his sponsors.

Evan and Hank visit Eddie in the hospital where they talk to him about his problems with the SEC.  

Evan meets with Eddie’s lawyer and gets information on why Eddie decided to stay and work with the SEC – because his relationship with his sons was the reason why he stayed.

Adam gets Divya to meet with him so he could express his feelings for her. Divya shuts him down by telling him that she felt nothing when they kissed, but regret.

Jill faints while playing golf. Hank finds a spider bite and brings her in to the clinic. While on meds, she makes it clear that she still has feelings for Hank.

Evan remarkably gets a whole in one. Before he can collect on his winnings, he runs to meet up with Boris.

Boris tells Evan that he wanted Evan to get to know the real Eddie.

Divya lets Hank know that she crossed a line by kissing Adam. Hank is mainly concerned with Divya’s feeling than what she did professionally.

The episode ends where it began – Eddie and his sons sitting on the beach. Eddie admits to Hank that he always wanted to be there hero. And when he was having the heart attack he envisioned them as little boys. Hank tells his father that he too thought that they might lose him and he wasn’t happy about it. That having Eddie around is a good thing. A second chance/mulligan.

Royal Pains
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Royal Pains Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Hank: Dad! Dad!
Eddie: Hank...Hank.

This is the life.