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The season starts with Borris going to visit Hank, but Hank is out on his way to find Evan.  Borris leaves and takes the folder.

Hank finds Evan, but he is reluctant to go home with him. Divya calls Evan to find out more about their financial situation and he tries to change the subject to the Divya’s engagement. Divya does not want to talk about her involuntary engagement - especially not to Evan.

Spencer is the new patient of Hank Med and is a well known TV infomercial product seller who oddly throws his back out.  His father was the inventor and rather an eccentric that lived inside his imperishable walls. Spencer offers the doctors all the free medication.  Hank kindly obliges then realizes that Jill could perhaps use it at her free clinic.

Evan gets a brilliant idea to use their Hank Med name in an infomercial. Hank is not thrilled with this idea. Divya gets a call from Spencer, but the signal breaks off. Evan and Divya go to see Spencer and he is trapped in the doorway to his father’s work chamber.

Evan gets through the door chamber to push the green release button. Hank and the emergency team are able to save the day.

Evan tells Divya that their father started every conversation with, how’s Hank? Divya helps him realize that he was stuck between a rock and a hard place and only wanted everything to fit together.

Hank apologizes to Borris for leaving his personal information unattended. After a couple days, he goes back to Borris and offers to represent him as his PCP - his quarterback to tie together a global perspective.

Before Borris leaves town, he hands Hank a card with a doctors name and a football. Evan gets dropped off by some heiress who he sold his car to. As they are playing football, they hear a noise coming from inside.

Their father is finishing up a game of solo pool and gives them their money back. Hank hands Evan the football and punches their father in the face.

Royal Pains
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Royal Pains Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

I'm not going home, he's coming back guaranteed.


Should I grab a copy of US Weekly and have a seat in the waiting room?