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Hank and Emily wake up in the hammock after a crazy night. Divya and Jill wake up in a taxi cab sporting new tattoos. Meanwhile Evan wakes up on the floor and finds Raj laying in a pool of blood.

It cuts to 24hrs earlier. Hank and Divya go to a house call. It turns out to be a bully that use to beat on Hank in middle school.

Their next patient is a young lady who hurt her shoulder and needed to use Jill’s free clinic. Evan spots a portable pole and asks her is she’s a fireman. She tells him that it is her roommate.

Evan gets an epiphany to throw Raj a bachelor party. At first, Hank disagrees, but Evan is able to persuade him.

Divya invites Jill to a tea party in the city. The first two and a half hours are boring, but they are able to escape and go have fun. Divya gets a call from her sister. The man she’s with is having an allergy shock. Divya gets there right away and gives him an epi shot. She puts together that her sister is having an affair.

Back at the bachelor party, Evan buys Raj a private dance. While he’s waiting for him to finish, Raj’s cell gets a text from Divya. He reluctantly responds that he loves her too.

Divya and Jill’s driver, Aristotle, started to complain about acid reflex. Divya is able to conclude that it is not that, but diabetes. The next morning he is in his cab and wont wake up because he is in a hypoglycemic coma.  They are able to bring him to the hospital just in time.

The stripper at the party accidentally hit’s the bully from middle school in the nose. Hank uses this to get revenge on him by breaking it. As it turns out, when he was young he got a mini plastic sword stuck in his nose.  

Evan gets a DVD of what happened in the room and Divya finds it. Before they can turn it off, it shows that Raj was not doing anything but trying to help Karma get a new job. Divya realizes that she is right where she should be.

Royal Pains
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Royal Pains Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Hank: It's hardly fair to judge the guy, we hardly know him.
Evan: That's when I do my best judging.

Who's marrying her - you or Raj?