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A man named Roy and his wife win the lottery and move to the Hamptons. Hank Med treats Roy’s wife for her allergic reaction and they get invited to their vow renewals.

Roy’s hand becomes infected and  Hank thinks that he might be infected with a flesh eating bacteria. Thankfully it’s not,  but  now Hank thinks it happens to be from Parrot Fever, but really it’s Gout.

When they get home, Hank throws Evan a surprise Birthday party. Everyone shows up including Jill and Paige who gives Evan a beautiful watch.  She wants to take him to get a couple’s massage, but he turns her down.

Another patient Adam calls Hank Med in because his girl Tally is complaining about pain. Hank believes its because their might be something wrong with her kidney transplant.  At first everything is fine, but later Tally complains again about pains where her kidney is.

Divya asks Adam why he decided to give Tally his kidney and he tells her because she was more of a mother to him than his real mom. She ended up crashing in his room and having a quasi good time. He asks her if her ring means anything and she tells him that she’s engaged.

Boris is back and is quite healthy.  He tells Hank that he is expected his girlfriend, but she ends up not showing up because she is arrested.

Royal Pains
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Royal Pains Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Hank: Hey I wanted to talk to you about Emily.
Jill: Do you really want to talk about it or do you feel obligated? Because you're not. We're cool.

Can you believe that we have two weddings this weekend? That would be like a Katherine Heigl movie come to life.