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Hank and Evan attempt to locate a missing Shaw, who ran off last week when he was supposed to be on a flight to see his daughter. Shaw and Hank have a talk about not wasting time and forgiveness.

Jill fights for her life in Hamptons Heritage after her hit and run accident. It initially appears that she may be suffering from internal cerebral hemorrhaging, but a scan shows that she is completely fine, though suffering flashbacks to the accident. She shares her findings with Boris, who becomes visibly suspicious.

Hank, Evan, Eddie R. and Ted all attend the parole hearing, which was a success, meaning that Eddie is free and clear and ready to head back to the Hamptons. Before he does, though, Eddie decided to stay a while longer to mend faces with his father.


Royal Pains
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Royal Pains Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Divya: What are you doing?! Who Does that?!
Jill: I gave you first dibs.

You're gonna miss getting to know your grandsons, which sucks, because we're pretty amazing.