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Welcome to Royal Pains, guest star Julie Benz.

Hank treats Libby’s mother when her cut fails to heal properly. He finds out that she had taken up smoking and was suffering from Vitamin C deficiency.

Divya acquired her own living space, only to have Raj drop into the picture with the threat of a lawsuit. Divya seeks to pay back the debt incurred by the broken engagement by working at Hamptons Heritage on the overnight shift.

Evan proposes to Paige without her father’s blessing, setting him up to seek his blessing after the fact. Unfortunately, the General has political ambitions that won’t allow the happy couple an engagement.

Jill continues to struggle with the aftermath of her accident, and uncovers some surprising information when she does some research.


Royal Pains
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Royal Pains Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Congratulations soldier, you are ready for battle.


I am not ashamed of my father, Sir. I don't keep secrets.