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Two cleaning-product entrepreneurs turn to Hank for help this week.

Hank and Divya make a house call to two young women who started a cleaning business in the Hamptons. One of the women falls ill multiple times as the result of a delayed reaction to medications she was taking.

Going through mail sent to them while away from Shadow Pond, Evan comes across a letter from the Justice Department regarding a parole hearing for Eddie R. Lawson, a letter received far too late. To reconcile the situation, Evan begins making calls.

Paige continues to withhold information from Evan regarding her health, and when Hank tries to approach her about their talk she explodes.

Hank and Evan decide to attend their father’s hearing despite his insistence that he had everything covered.

Hank and Jill’s on-again relationship is out-ed by the rest of their friends.

Royal Pains
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Royal Pains Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Man: What do I do now?
Hank: As I doctor I advise a hot shower. As a human being I advise picking up after your dog.

Whatever she makes, you will eat it.

Hank [about Divya's cooking]