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Having spent the entire winter in the Hamptons following up with patients, Hank and Divya welcome back Evan, Jill and tourists back for the summer vacationing season.

HankMed reunited, they immediately find themselves treating victims of a bus accident a result of the heavy traffic coming into the popular area. One patient in particular, the female driver of one of the vehicles, Judy, becomes the focal patient of the episode when Hank discovers she suffered and embolism as a result of her extensive travel.

Hank and Judy seemingly bond over  their similar circumstances of navigating relationships and starting over, and important point given that Jill returns to the Hamptons only to end things with Hank in favor of pursuing her calling in Uruguay.

Divya and her parents remain estranged after the fallout of her engagement to Raj. Having returned to the Hamptons for the summer, Divya's parents attempt to set her up with another suitor with whom she is less familiar. The stunt pits Divya against her parents again, only to be cut off in every way possible.

Evan, who found himself alone after his return from his whirlwind European tour with Paige, struggled with fears their relationship was in jeopardy. While Paige physically makes an appearance at the end of the episode, we are left wondering if Evan's fears were, in fact, correct.

Marissa and Boris continue to deal with their relationship, complicated by Marissa's pregnancy. Boris eventually invites Hank and Evan to move back into Shadow Brook under new conditions and at Marissa's behest. The move liberated Hank and Evan from the motherly wrath of their father's girlfriend, Mrs. Newburgh with whom they'd taken up residence.

Royal Pains
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Royal Pains Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Newburgh: Your father called form prison.
Evan: Well, that's a fun segue.

Hank: It looks like Summer has arrived.
Evan: Her name is Divya.