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Hank treats an undercover DEA agent who thinks she is suffering from toxicity. It turns out she is suffering from a genetic condition that a few days in the hospital and some treatment can mend.


Hank and Christina’s relationship continues to progress despite Boris’ caution to Hank. Hank’s opinion shifts when Christina reveals she knows more about Boris’ dealings than she should, causing Hank to question her.


Divya and Dr. Sacani treat a well-known MMA fighter suffering Post-partum depression. His emotional outbursts are a response to a lack of cells in part of his brain, a condition manageable through medication.

Dr. Sacani appears to be developing a small crush on Divya, while simultaneously lending his Ferrari to HankMed (Evan) who fails to win one at a charity event.


Royal Pains
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Royal Pains Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Evan: Come on, Bro! Just give me the Cliffs Notes.
Hank: The Cliffs Notes just aren't available on this one right now!

If HankMed needs a Ferrari, they can use mine.

Dr. Sacani