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Paige and Evan go forward with their IVF treatment.  Evan uses his pull as Hospital administrator to get he and Paige in to watch the eggs being fertilized. In the end, only one if viable for implantation. 

Raj gets a job in Baltimore which means that they’ll be moving there even though Divya hasn’t gotten into John Hopkins yet. 

Hank was able to save the Saab. He meets with Felicity, the owner of the house he wants to buy and finds shei is moving because she has Rheumatoid Arthritis and is going back to Manhattan for the elevators and her choice of specialists.  But Hank realizes that she’s been misdiagnosed and actually has syphilis from her ex-husband. After treatment, Felicity decides not to sell the house. 

Hank hires a private investigator to track down Eddie and finds out he had heart surgery in Passaic, NJ under a different name. Hank tracks him down at their childhood home in Passaic but he’s experiencing complications from the surgery. He has a swollen prostate and it’s infecting his bladder. Hank is able to help him and call and ambulance. 

Eddie says that he panicked over the guilt of lying about his heart issues to his fiancee and family and he bolted. Hank brings him back to the Hamptons. He comes clean with Newburgh and she forgives him. The wedding is back on but Evan tells him that it he and Paige have a  child, he’ll never let Eddie get close enough to hurt him or her the way he has Evan. 

Boris’ company is moving forward with clinical trials of Jeremiah’s virosome without involving Jeremiah. Jeremiah confronts Boris in a board meeting about the huge risks involved in conducting this research in a third world country without proper protocols. 

Boris tells Jeremiah that he’s selling KJR Pharmaceuticals so he had to proceed with the first clinical trials but he is conforming to all FDA guidelines and if things go well, Jeremiah may do very well for himself after the sale. Boris wanted to keep the sale quiet, that’s why he didn’t tell Jeremiah. Jeremiah is considering starting his own lab but he wants to also stay with HankMed. 

Boris gives his proxy at Hamptons Heritage to Evan which makes Hank think that Boris is planning on leaving the Hamptons.  

Royal Pains
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Royal Pains Season 8 Episode 6 Quotes

Has anyone ever told you, you remind them of a Bond villain?


You look like something's wrong. Did you have to euthanize the Saab?