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Hank sets up a meeting between Divya and his mentor from medical school, Dr. Joseph Whitcomb. Turns out Whitcomb isn’t actually a fan of Hank’s, making for a very awkward meeting. Hank confronts the doctor when he collapses. Hank diagnoses him with Grave’s disease. Turns out Dr. Whitcomb is the person who sold Hank his Saab 900. It now has over 200,000 miles on it. 

Raj asks Jeremiah to make videos of all of Divya’s friends entertaining the new baby, as he thinks they won’t be able to do it if Divya gets in John Hopkins Medical school and they move to Baltimore. Everyone reads fairy tales, sings songs or shares their love for the new baby. 

Paige is feeling the effects of the IVF drugs and is feeling frustrated by the lack of progress.  Evan does research and tries to help but ends up telling her that her symptoms are psychosomatic, not hormone induced. She doesn’t take it well. Later, Evan wants to figure out how to make it right. Paige’s boss tells Evan to make sure he doesn’t do it again. Later, Paige is told that they can finally take the trigger shot and move forward with the IVF. Evan offers to give her the shot, even though he’s afraid of needles. He does it, but then passes out. 

Ken Keller shows up at Hank’s after walking out on a photo session after finding out a junior agent stole one of this clients. Keller is agitated and experiencing heart issues. He’s in heart failure and they can’t figure out why. Keller collapses in the middle of Divya’s surprise baby shower. Turns out Keller has been injecting himself with steroids in order to look better for the photo shoot. Once he’s recovered, Keller tells Hank that he has inspired him beaches still lives like a 20-year-old no ties or possessions. Keller decides he needs a change and will move to LA.

At her baby shower, Divya tells everyone that she’s decided not to settle for Stonybrooke Medical School. If she doesn’t get into John Hopkins she will simply wait and try again next year. 

Hank’s Saab breaks down in front of a house that’s for sale at 401 Henry Place. He decides to call to find out more. 

Royal Pains
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Royal Pains Season 8 Episode 5 Quotes

So I'm the wounded antelope instead of the lion?


Evan: Is she the hoarder?
Paige: When clients are as wealthy as Ms. Jeffries, we call them collectors.