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Everyone prepares for Eddie and Ms. Newburgh’s wedding. Jeremiah teaches Hank how to dance. Ms. Newburgh’s friend, Annette Bellamy, a famous actress, arrives for the wedding. She ends up seeing Hank as a patient when she admits having issues with her memory. It turns out she may have Alzheimer’s. 

Before their doctor’s appointment, Paige takes a pregnancy test but the results say she isn’t pregnant.  She confides in Eddie when he finds her upset. She tells Evan and he thinks that Eddie was nice to Paige because he was working an angle to get back on Evan’s good side. Paige tells him he has to forgive his father so that his anger doesn’t become a constant part of their life and family. 

Annette has a seizure at the wedding rehearsal dinner. She’s been hallucinating that the people around her are singing and dancing. It turns out she may have epilepsy instead of Alzheimer’s. 

Evan and Eddie mend fences when Evan admits he gets many of his good and bad qualities from his father but hopes that his marriage to Ms. Newburgh will help Eddie strive to be a better man in the same way Evan’s marriage to Paige has done for him. Later, Paige’s father admits to Evan that he misjudged him. The General tells Evan that he’s been a good husband to Paige and that he knows he’ll be a good father when they have children.

Eddie and Ms. Newburgh get married in front of friends and family. Jeremiah brings Cindy as his date. Annette collapses during the reception. Turns out that Annette really has a brain bleed and needs surgery but Hank predicts a full recovery.

Hank begins to wonder if it’s okay if he never finds a life partner. He’s happy. Perhaps he’s just fine on his own…but then he’s the person who catches the bride’s bouquet. Hank considers making a big change in his life but doesn’t share the details. 

Paige gets the results of her blood test from the doctor’s office and it turns out she really is pregnant. She and Evan are thrilled to share the news with those they love.

Divya receives an email from Johns Hopkins University. 

Royal Pains
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Royal Pains Season 8 Episode 7 Quotes

My eggs don't seem to care that Evan's hot for me. Screw you, low motility. F. U., infertility. I'm making a baby.


It's her sixth wedding. It should be perfect.