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On this episode of Rubicon...

- Will and Katherine introduced themselves at a party thrown by Spangler's wife. The latter also looked deeper into her husband's past, visiting the headquarters of a struggling company Tom left for her. She found a random newspaper clipping in his files, one that referred to the suicide of a college professor.

- Will and Ed tried to learn more about Donald Bloom, one of the men on the list from last week. He's a former CIA member and Will followed him to a lunch... with Ingram. But he was spotted doing so and Ingram later threatened Will with "mayhem" if he continued down that path.

It was also revealed to the viewer that Ingram and Bloom used to work together in the CIA and, clearly, were lovers at one point. We also got to see just how Ed had his breakdown, as he went off trying to "connect the dots" between Bloom and David's death. Will had to lie and say they had the wrong Donald Bloom just to get Ed to relax and get off the case.

- Tanya proved herself to be a solid analyst, despite her drinking problem. She successfully pitched Spangler on the team focusing on George Beck in its investigation into Yuri and the possible arms deal that's been a focus over the last few weeks.

- We also learned that Spangler has been recording Will somehow. The men we've seen following him around must have placed a bug somewhere.

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