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The following events took place this week on Rubicon:

- Wanting to see whoever would be sent to his apartment to fix the bug he destroyed, Will went next door and flirted with the woman who has stared at him through the window for weeks. Her name is Andie. Will was actually honest with her about his intentions and the situation he's in. They ended up setting up a camera to film Will's apartment... and making love! Late in the episode, they see Donald Bloom through the window, replacing the bug.

- We learn that Grant's wife has lost her job, which places more pressure on him to make money for the family.

- Julia, the woman Miles had flirted with, takes over temporarily for Tanya because the latter is in rehab. Miles awkwardly asks her out.

- Kale gives Will Tom Rhumer's obituary and says he killed himself the day the crossword came out. Will doesn't really trust Kale, but takes it anyway. Meanwhile, Katherine learns that Truxton Spangler is one of the men in the childhood photo she was sent of Tom. She knows that he is the head of API and heads out to investigate.

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