Katherine R.
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With the information that Kateb (aka Joe Purcell) was in the United States, API worked with the FBI this week to coordinate efforts to bring him to justice.

This meant Will and Grant headed to Purcell's hometown in New Jersey to interview those who had been close to him, but little came of it. Meanwhile, viewers were treated to shots of Purcell plotting his move here and there. After speaking with Miles and going through the papers he had hidden at Andy's, Will determined the target:

An oil tanker in Houston. David's research had determined that blowing up just one would cause such a spill and such a clean-up effort that it would bring almost the entire U.S. oil industry to a halt. Soon after Will figured this out and shared his concern with Kale, everyone turned on the TV and saw: it was exactly what Kateb did.


- Truxton met with others in his evil group and assured him Will would be taken care of and everything okay.

- Katherine left the safe house Kale had placed her in and went to her storage. She got out the movie Meet Me in St. Louis because Tom referred to their anniversary in his note to her and that's the film they watched each year on it.

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