Taken by Surprise
Watch Rubicon Season 1 Episode 6
"Look to the Ant"
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Kale makes Will a surprising offer on this episode of Rubicon, as viewers are left to wonder what the former is up to and what side he is on.

Kale Ingram Picture
Watch Rubicon Season 1 Episode 5
"Connect The Dots"
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Will canvasses the American Policy Institute for shady behavior and employees this week. Simultaneously, Katherine takes the shady matters surrounding her husband's death into her own hands.

Rubicon Quotes

Lauren: Why is Will Travers so mopey?
Miles: He's not mopey, it's just introspective.
Lauren: He walks around like his favorite cat just died.
Miles: Try wife and child. Try 9/11.

The biggest joke is that our business is to tell people what to think - and the truth is, I have no idea what to think anymore.