Blair St. Clair as Ellen Degeneres - RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars
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The queens debrief after Mayhem Miller's elimination. They review the lipsticks and discover that Mayhem voted for herself. Shea Coulee is upset that Mayhem gave up.

The queens think Jujubee is the frontrunner, followed by Miz Cracker and Shea Coulee.

After RuPaul's video message, the queens are positive that it's the Snatch Game. RuPaul reveals it's the Snatch Game of Love. The queens will have to do a celebrity impersonation to impress the judges.

Jujubee is being Eartha Kitt. Even though it's been done twice, she wants to stand out by emphasizing her cat-like qualities. Shea Coulee will impersonate Flava Flav; she recognizes the risk of portraying a male celebrity.

Alexis Mateo will be Walter Machado. India Ferrah will be Jeffree Star. RuPaul pushes India to be funny and land her one-liners.

Blair St. Clair will be Ellen Degeneres. Blair bombs her first joke with RuPaul; she has to review her role to make it funny.

The first batch of celebrity daters is Miz Cracker as Lady Gaga, Alexis Mateo, and India Ferrah. The first celebrity is Tommy Dorfman.

Alexis Mateo gets plenty of laughs, Miz Cracker flatlines with mellow reception, and India Ferrah bombs every joke. Tommy Dorfman chooses Alexis Mateo as the winner.

The second batch of contestants is Blair St. Clair, Jujubee, and Shea Coulee. Their celebrity date is Jeffrey Bower-Chapman.

Shea Coulee and Jujubee get a ton of laughs. Blair St. Clair gets a few laughs, but she gets outshined by her competitors. Jeffrey chooses Shea Coulee as the winner.

During the next day, Jujubee and Alexis Mateo debate what to do if India Ferrah ends up in the bottom for the fourth time.

The runway category is "Prom Queen Fantasy." Miz Cracker wears a pink gown with pimples, Alexis Mateo wears a red tulle dress, Indie Ferrah wears a heavy dark corset with mascara tears, Blair St. Clair wears a red tuxedo dress, Jujubee is an 80s airy outfit, and Shea Coulee is in a pink gown with bloody roses on top.

During the judging panel, the judges were bored by Miz Cracker's impersonation of Lady Gaga. They think she was producing and controlling too much. They loved Alexis' outfit and her impersonation of Walter Machado. The judges hated India's impersonation of Jeffree Star, but they liked her outfit.

RuPaul talks about an impersonation of she does of Blair St. Clair from her original season.

The judges think Blair St. Clair tried heard hardest during Snatch Game. The judges think Jujubee did the best Eartha Kitt out of any queen. The judges loved Shea's impersonation of Flava Flav and her gown on the runway. Shea reveals the year after she lost to Sasha Velour and the rose pranks that fans would make.

Shea Coulee is the top All Star of the week.

RuPaul reveals that starting this round there are no more safe queens. Everyone besides the top All Star is available to be eliminated. The queens will have to vote someone out.

Miz Cracker thinks she and India Ferrah did the two worst of the week. Alexis Mateo is worried that she could go home since she did really well, but now she's at the bottom. Shea Coulee confronts Alexis about her trying to vote out Shea in the past.

Shea initially refuses to talk with India Ferrah, but she agrees. India tells Shea that when Shea was in the bottom, Alexis and Mayhem came to her to vote out Shea. Shea Coulee brings it up to Alexis and arguments erupt between the queens.

Jujubee talks to Alexis at the side to see if it's true. Alexis is adamant that she didn't campaign to get Shea out. Shea and Alexis talk to the side; Alexis once again defends her stance.

Alexis Mateo votes out India Ferrah. India Ferrah votes out Alexis Mateo. Jujubee wonders if Alexis is the villain of the season.

The lipsync assassin is Vanessa Vanjie Mateo.

The lipsync song is "Open Your Heart" by Madonna. The lipsync is full of energy and the queens throw out a few moves. Shea Coulee wins the lipsync.

Shea Coulee votes out India Ferrah.

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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman: Contestant #2, I’m originally from Canada, so if we went up there for a winter visit, how would you keep me warm at night?
Jujubee: [As Eartha Kitt] I would sensually walk to the thermostat and turn up the thermostat to a sensible 74 degrees.
[RuPaul laughs through it all]

Jeffrey-Bowyer Chapman: Contest #3, starting with the line, “Roses are Red”, recite a romantic poem about why I should pick you.
Shea Coulee: [As Flava Flav] Roses are red, buses is yellow, I just realized that you are a fella!
[Everyone laughs]