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The queens debrief after the elimination. Miz Cracker reveals she had voted for Alexis Mateo; the box votes reveal three for Alexis and one for Blair.

In confessional, Shea Coulee is happy to have done the vote for a bit of self-preservation.

Sam Richardson and Jane Kurkowski are the guest judges.

The queens read Alexis Mateo's lipstick message. They think the competition will come down to the nitty gritty for who makes it to the Top 3.

The Maxi Challenge is a comedy smackdown. Each queen has to create a routine filled with jokes. Miz Cracker gets to decide the order of the show.

Shea Coulee is worried about the challenge because her skill isn't in comedy. In confessional, she mentions past skills the other queens have. Blair St. Clair is worried since she needs a win.

Miz Cracker puts Jujubee first to open the show, Blair St. Clair second, herself third, and Shea Coulee last. Miz Cracker is open about choosing the order strategically.

The queens rehearse their stand-up routines in front of Ross Mathews and Jane Krakowski. They think Jujubee's jokes are complicated; she needs to create a structure because the jokes aren't landing as easily.

Jane reveals she follows Blair St. Clair on Instagram. Blair performs her jokes and the judges love them.

Miz Cracker is blown away to see Jane Krakowski. Her practice jokes aren't landing; her jokes are topical and getting into her head. The judges give her advice to make herself laugh and keep it easy.

Shea Coulee musters a few simple giggles, but it's not laugh outloud jokes. The judges give her some advice to pull from her experiences, like losing to Sasha Velour. In confessional, Shea Coulee isn't sure if she's ready to go there.

During the next day, Shea Coulee is so nervous that she is gasping with gas. Blair St. Clair is very confident after her practice sessions with the judges. The queens discuss their placements for the show.

Jujubee stumbles during the beginning of her routine, but she lands the middle and ending. Blair St. Claires gets a few short laughs, but she bombs during her routine. Miz Crackers gets plenty of laughs during her routine. Shea Coulee does a good job and gets laughs as well.

The runway category is "Freak Out!" Jujubee's outfit is a animated jester with checkered and geometric patterns. Blair St. Clair's outfit is a kitty in dots and fluffy balls with a harness. Mix Cracker is a steampunk post-apocalyptic outfit with a crow mask. Shea Coulee is in a colourful furry coat in spired by raves.

During the judging panel, the judges loved Jujubee's outfit, but her routine stumbled during the beginning. The judges loved Blair's outfit; her routine, on the other hand, fell flat. The judges loved Miz Cracker's comedy routine and her runway outfit. The judges aren't fans of Shea's runway outfit; they feel it's too safe. On the other hand, the loved her comedy routine..

Miz Cracker is the top All Star of the week.

The bottom three queens campaign to stay in the competition. Blair St. Clair pushes that she still has time to grow. In confessional, Shea Coulee thinks it's Blair's time to go since she's done the worst.

Shea Coulee campaigns that she has overcome so much in her own inner saboteur to get to the finals. Jujubee has grown a lot and wants to show her growth in the finals.

During the voting, Shea votes for Blair. Miz Cracker is nervous about making a big decision.

The lipsync assassin is Kennedy Davenport.

The lipsync song is "Fancy" by Reba McEntire. The song had a lot of words; everyone remarks the long lipstick. Both queens do a great job of bringing fierceness and energy on the stage.

Miz Cracker wins the lipsync. Her lipstick reveals Blair St. Clair.

A phone rings at the judges table. RuPaul panics and is worried, but she doesn't give any clues.

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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

I’ve been telling these girls from the beginning, like let’s just be nice to each other tonight. But I guess I’m like Shea Coulee’s music because no one listens to me. You know what I’m saying?
[Everyone laughs]

Miz Cracker

Miz Cracker: There’s this stereotype that drag queens have to be like beautiful in their makeup and glamorous and everything. But this is not necessarily true. Look a Juju! Look at her!
[Everyone laughs]
Miz Cracker: What was I saying? Oh right, humility and love.
[Everyone laughs]