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The queens return to the Werk Room and celebrate Ginger Minj's latest challenge win. Trinity K. Bonet reads the lipsticks to see that it's a unanimous vote to eliminate Pandora Boxx. Trinity is so excited and sheds a few tears over everyone keeping her.

The queens read Pandora Boxx's lipstick message before cleaning it off.

RuPaul's video message is from Corny The Unicorn. RuPaul reveals the Mini Challenge is the Class Superlative challenge; the queens have to guess who the group would vote in each category.

The winners of the Mini Challenge are Ginger Minj and Kylie Sonique Love. They've each won $1,000.

The Maxi Challenge will have each queen come up with a captivating character that has a backstory, look, and power for the cartoon, Drag Tots. The queens will then have to bring their characters to life on the main stage.

As the queens start drawing their characters, the queens talk about the answers during the Mini Challenge. Trinity is upset over some of the negative comments, but Eureka! tries to reassure her, even though Eureka got the most negative comments.

RuPaul does their walkthrough in the Werk Room. Ginger's character is Tara Belle, a very Southern and elegant character. Trinity tells RuPaul that she didn't like the "Most Moody" and "Most Likely To Go Home Next" vote.

Eureka tells RuPaul that her Drag Tots character will be a villain. Kylie's character is Miss Behave, a character who inspires wisdom and has a magical bag. Ra'Jah's character is Queen See Me, and she talks about why she loves the color purple. In confessional, Ra'Jah doubts her character because RuPaul didn't like the name.

Trinity decides to be Miss Fierce Felicia, a fashionable feline who teaches runway. Eureka is tired while cutting up pieces of fabrics; she is desperate for a challenge win.

Ra'Jah is having a hard time updating her character; Ginger Minj is noticing that Ra'Jah is shutting down. Kylie's sewing machine stops working.

During the next day, Ra'Jah has changed her queen to I See Ya Queen. Trinity brings up again the Mini Challenge and the votes. The queens talk about themselves as kids and the shenanigans they used to get up to.

The guest judge is Charli XCX.

The Bianca Del Rio and Latrice Royale characters from Drag Tots show up for quips.

During the Drag Tots challenge, Trinity's Fierce Furrlecia Felina is dressed in a white body suit with pink fur and kitty accessories. Ginger Minj's Tara Belle is in a glittery blue dress with a pink satin umbrella; she goes for extra comedy in her script. Ra'Jah's ISeeYa Queen is in a shiny purple dress/bodysuit with eyeballs around her arms. Eureka's Alexandria McQueen is in a shiny fitted blue gown with a crown. Kylie's Miss Behave is in a witchy gown with witch accessories.

During the judges panel, the judges love how Trinity got into the role and her look, Ginger's character and dress got many compliments, the judges love everything about Ra'Jah's character and her outfit, the judges loved Eureka's look but they wanted her to go over-the-top with her movements, and the judges loved Kylie's look but they wanted her to go a bit bigger.

Ra'Jah O'Hara is the top All Star of the week. All the queens are at the bottom now.

The queens return to the Werk Room and are shocked that all four are at the bottom. Kylie says her vote is between Trinity and Eureka; she campaigns to Ra'Jah that she's worked so hard to pull herself up from her terrible original placement. Eureka says the vote will most likely come down to Trinity, herself, and Kylie.

Trinity tells Ra'Jah that she wants to be in the finale with her; both have risen from their original seasons. In confessional, Ra'Jah considers voting out Trinity since she's her biggest competition. Ginger tells Ra'Jah that her vote is based on track record and hopes Ra'Jah will do the same; Ra'Jah tells her that everyone's track record is tough. In confessional, Ginger is afraid because she can't read Ra'Jah.

Eureka cries in front of Ra'Jah because she doesn't want to throw her sisters under the bus.

The queens vote in secret who they want out. Trinity K. Bonet votes Eureka out.

The lip-sync assassin is Kameron Michaels from RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10.

The lip-sync song is "Boom Clap" by Charli XCX. Kameron does a cartwheel, but the performances are calm overall.

Kameron Michaels wins the lip-sync. Kameron's lipstick reveals Eureka.

Fifteen minutes later, RuPaul tells Eureka to prepare for the biggest lip-sync of her life.

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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Bossy, messy, gassy, shade, mama. I just farted too.
[Everyone laughs]


Trinity K. Bonet: I could’ve lived with knowing…
Eureka!: That people thought you were moody?
Trinity K. Bonet: Yeah. I could’ve lived without knowing that in the back of my head, and then feeling like I’m next to go. It’s just so far in the game to like start doubting myself.